The Process

Choosing LA Mini's

Before submitting your child's details to us, Babies and Toddlers should be comfortable in front of the camera, be calm and content and be happy to be around unknown people.

Children and Teenagers should ideally be confident, although, this will grow as they embark on their journey, comfortable in front of the camera and happy to take direction, well behaved and enjoy meeting new people.

If we feel your child is right for industry we will invite both you and your child for an audition with us. 

LA Mini Management like to meet with all their clients so we get to know a little bit more of your child: their character, their smile, humour and quirky ways, that might endear them to prospective clients. This way they are more than just a picture and a C.V.! 

The audition will comprise of:

Meet & Greet with team LA
Mini Photo Shoot - This is to assess how your child works with the camera and takes direction. 
Talking Head Reel - 1 to 2 min showreel to include Name, D.O.B, About Me and if your child wishes a short poem/monologue, song or dance sample. To show any skills they may have. 

A decision will be made by us on review of the above within one week of the Audition. A years sole contract will be offered. 

There is no joining fees for LA Mini's and website inclusion for our young performers is also free from charge.

We only charge our clients an annual Photoshoot fee of £60.00, for Photos & Talking Head Reel taken on day of audition and on renewal of yearly contract at which time new photos and reels will be required, this cost will only be charged on successful auditions and required for completion of contracts. 

Photographs and Talking Head reels will be used for the promotional and profile applications of your child. 

Commission Rates
25% TV, Film, Radio & Commercial (Unless otherwise stated)
15% Theatre

All of our processes, decisions, and actions are fundamentally driven by honesty and opacity in all our dealings with our artists and all those who interact with our artists. We comply with all Department of employment regulations governing our business, not only as a legal obligation, but because it is the moral way we wish to conduct ourselves. 

What Happens Next

It is imperative that your child available for castings at all times. We will presume that availability is not an issues unless we have been informed otherwise. We run a very strict policy in regards to turning down castings. This will result in termination of contract. As this impacts on other clients and working relationships built up over many years. 

The Casting
Most castings are booked at very short notice sometimes within 24 hours notice and take place in London generally after school (usually between 4-6pm) but the reality is, that if you live any distance from London, you will need to leave school early in order to get to your appointment on time. For this it is important to have support from your school.  

Sometime castings provide a casting fee, which will help towards travel costs, however this is not always the case and in these instances you will be expected to pay your own travel costs.
Your child should be dressed appropriately for the audition. However we will brief you on all requirements for the casting.

We usually hear within a couple of working days from the casting director in regards to recalling your child for a second audition, a pencil or booking. We do not usually hear anything if they do not want to see you again. 

We will then contact you if your child has been successful. 

When a booking is confirmed we will contact you with times, dates and location details in regards to the job booked. You may need to attend a fitting, rehearsals prior to the main job. 

The job could take place at television studios in London but maybe on location anywhere in the country and sometimes-even abroad. 

So it is important to make sure your child's passport is valid

This is just a brief insight as to what happens next!

Child Licensing (Born After 2001)

We take care of all Child Licensing for your child when managed by us (additional documentations will be sort), unlike other agencies that will charge you a fee of around £30.00 to do this. We don't! 

But just for your information and understanding on how it work and the regulations we are governed by we have included:

Child Performance Licence Legislation

Child performers are protected by a series of legislation, in particular The Children (Performances and Activities) Regulations 2014, which came into force on the 6th February 2015.
The following types of performance will require a child to have a licence:
Paid Theatre
Paid TV / Film
Paid Modelling (photographic & catwalk)
A full copy of the Performance Regulations can be found by clicking on the link:
A full copy of the Standard Child Licensing Form can be found by clicking on the link:

Spotlight Application

We request and advise that all our young performers from the age of 4 to 25 years join Spotlight. You can only obtain a spotlight profile via an accredited School or Agent. As we have accreditation with Spotlight we can therefore process applications. 

Spotlight charges an annual, 365 day membership which costs £98 (inc. VAT). 

For more information please visit the link below:

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